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Batch 4# Temporary Out Of Stock ( Swaddle Wrap - Hug Me Infant Wrap )

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Keluaran terbaru Manje Boutique - Bedung Moden 
(Hug Me Intant Wrap)

Terdapat dalam pelbagai warna dan corak.

BM 0001
BM 0002
BM 0003
BM 0004

sesuai utk baby berat 3kg - 8kg

✔ 100% cotton.
✔ Mudah disarung/tanggal di bahagian bawah dengan mudah
✔ Tak perlu buka bedung bayi ketika salin lampin/diaper.
✔ Kain yang lembut bersayap menutup/memeluk bayi dgn kemas dengan pelekat velcro.
 ✔ Bedung boleh diselaras dgn bayi yg sdg membesar. 


Wrap your baby in the comfort of Hug Me Adjustable Infant Wrap and rest assured that your baby will sleep safe, sound andsecured. By recreating the comforting snugness of the womb, the Hug Me Adjustable Infant Wrap has revolutionised the way babies and parents sleep!

New research shows that swaddling may help reduce the risk of SIDS by promoting better sleep when infants are on their back.

Soft fabric wings hug you baby close, and stay securely in place with self-velcro fasteners. As your baby grows, the wings can be readjusted fo a perfect fit.

Comes with botom leg pouch that pops down easily, there is no need to unwrap baby's arm during diaper change. An excellent and convenint designs for parents!

Lain-lain koleksi akan diupdate kemudian, 
Berminat ? Untuk tempahan , email kepada 
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